Hi, I'm in the Art Department!

As some of you may've heard (thanks to my endless babbling on the subject), I recently found out that Cheeta (world famous movie star of many a Tarzan film from the 1930's & 1940's, not to mention oldest living chimp on the planet), was living out his retirement in Palm Springs while doing commmisioned artwork for those rarified patrons so inclined to, you know, order paintings done by a chimp.

Well just yesterday I got my two original "Cheetas" & honestly they are EVEN COOLER than I'd hoped; really well balanced with a great sense of motion -- overall just loaded w/ energy (I could get more "art school" about them, but let's just say I think they're totally great). Before setting eyes on the actual pieces my initial plan was to put one up in my house & one up in my office at work, but after seeing how well they work together as a, you know, Simian Dyptich, I really didn't want to split 'em up at all. End result: they're staying in the bedroom, and will be the first thing I see in the morning. ANOTHER likely end result: I buy another painting (they're also totally tax deduxtable!) for the office, if only so that my poor walls can be graced by this famous primate's commanding grace with the paintbrush.

First off in the gallery is the original ad from the early 60's that started me on my hunt for ape paintings, and the rest ought to be self explanatory. (Note: the black blob in the lower right hand corner is Cheeta's thumbprint/ signature)